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At Paradi's Kremas, our goal is to bring our product mainstream and to introduce it to other cultures. Paradi's Kremas is a Haitian inspired drink. Kremas is a premium product, it is an alcoholic drink that is somewhat similar to egg nog in texture.

Kremas is served as an aperitif, it usually replaces dessert and wine at festive gatherings. PK is  a sweet and creamy drink flavored with spices and  is just what you need to entertain your guests while spending some quality time. Paradi's Kremas  is a concoction of authentic coconuts, sugar, rhum, condensed and evaporated milk.


Paradi's  Kremas is not only good as a beverage but also can be used as a great coffee creamer. Also great as a topping for cakes and icecreams. In conclusion consumers are choosing Paradi's Kremas as their #1 choice for Haitian Kremas simply because of the flavor and the versatility.  

At Paradi's Kremas, we take pride in always providing a premium product, phenomenal customer service, practicing incentives by rewarding our customers and giving back to our community.

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